The KeratoCon is a multi-curve keratoconus lens specifically developed and manufactured locally for the unique Southern African market.

In contrast to other parts of the world, the unique African conditions are leading to more progressive keratoconus cases being seen by most local eye care practitioners. By using advanced computer-assisted contact lens design software and also years of fitting experience from the InnoCon research and development team, our Innovative Contacts design was finally refined to address almost all the troublesome Southern African conditions.

Fitting Recommendations


  • Firstly use the KeratoCon diagnostic fitting set.
  • Select starting BOZR based on mean K-value.
  • Flatten the BOZR until a 3-point touch and crisp vision has been achieved.
  • All KeratoCon lenses have edge adjustment zones, therefore post fit edge modifications are still certainly possible.

An Example of an optimal KeratoCon lens.

Sodium Fluorescein image showing a 3-point touch of a Innocon Keratocon RGP lens fitted on a keratoconus eye.

KeratoCon Design Options


The range consists of five designs:

  • KeratoConSteep
  • KeratoConStandard
  • KeratoConFlat
  • KeratoConNC – for small central cones
  • KeratoConBespoke – Oculus/Medmont topography files required

Please see Additional Information for available diameters.

Design Selection Chart

Selection chart to choose the correct KeratoCON keratoconus lens
Additional information

Additional information


Steep, Standard, Flat, NC, Bespoke


KeratoCon: 8.60mm and 9.00mm
KeratoCon NC: 8.60mm


-35.00 D to +20.00D


Grey, Green, Blue


Medium DK and High DK