Slide For the Future in Specialty Lenses

Scleral Lenses

Your key to clear vision

The EyeSpace Scleral contact lenses are large-diameter, gas permeable contact lenses. These lenses specifically vault over the entire corneal surface, therefore resting on the sclera only.

Ortho-k Lenses

Lenses that work when not wearing them

The Forge orthokeratology lens design is breaking the mould for what is possible with orthokeratology. The lens enables you to correct myopia, hyperopia and high amounts of corneal astigmatism while you sleep.

Bespoke Lenses

EyeSpace Bespoke logo

Match the contour of your eye

The Bespoke Alignment fit lens is a daily wear corneal gas permeable lens. Designed and ordered purely from corneal topography with no trial lens fitting required, subsequently reducing valuable chair time.

EyeSpace Software

Why EyeSpace Software?

Rigid contact lenses design has never been more scientific and precise. The EyeSpace software links with your corneal topographer, to generate computerised fluorescein simulations of gas permeable contact lenses. As a result of using real corneal height data, EyeSpace provides more accurate results versus using sim-k and eccentricity values alone. EyeSpace software is capable of simulating any type lens, from a simple rotationally symmetric gas permeable lens, right through to a quadrant-specific reverse geometry orthokeratology lenses.

Who can use EyeSpace Software?

EyeSpace Software is easy to understand, operate and master. Beginner or experienced contact lens practitioners likewise, will certainly be able to design their own bespoke lenses. Practitioners will be able to accurately fit rigid contact lenses without the need for trial fitting, subsequently saving valuable chair time. With EyeSpace you can easily design bespoke orthokeratology, scleral and day wear gas permeable contact lenses, tailor-made for your patient.

What does bespoke mean?

Bespoke is an adjective for anything commissioned to a particular specification. The practitioner can tailor any lens design to the customs, tastes, or use of an individual purchaser.

Precision Contact Lenses

Adaptive designs specifically tailored to your patient’s needs

The PCL Spherical Cornea range of lenses consists of a selection of locally developed and manufactured gas permeable contact lenses.

The lenses are specifically designed to fit on regular corneas with no to very low corneal astigmatism.

The PCL Toric Cornea range of lenses consists of a selection of easy-to-fit gas permeable contact lenses.

These lenses are specifically designed to fit on regular corneas with moderate to high astigmatism.

The PCL Irregular Cornea range of lenses are designed to fit on irregularly shaped corneas.

These lenses will fit corneas with conditions like keratoconus, pellucid marginal degeneration, corneal grafts, and refractive surgery complications.