Diagnostic Sets



Having your own diagnostic sets available in your practice allows you to have a known lens at hand to design your patient’s new lens from.

We have standard set available for purchase, but you can also customize your own set within specified parameters.

Recommended starting sets: MultiCon, AstiCon, KeratoCon and MaxiCon-Oblate.

High Powers

It is important to note that all our standard diagnostic fit sets come with low powers.

If high powers are required, there is a possibility of a lenticular design being added to the lens. This may alter the fit for the patient.

Lenticular design adds a carrier to the front or back surface of the lens to increase or decrease edge thickness. A peripheral curvature is cut onto the lens a particular radius and size to create the lenticular carrier.

High Minus Lenses

High minus lenses are thicker in the peripheral regions, compared to the center thickness. This excessive peripheral thickness can be reduced by providing the negative lens with a lenticular carrier.

High Plus Lenses

High plus lenses are thinner in the peripheral regions, compared to the center thickness. The increased center thickness has a center of gravity which is well forward, resulting in a lens riding low in the eye.