EyeSpace Bespoke GP



The EyeSpace Bespoke lens is a daily wear RGP lens, designed and ordered purely from corneal topography. No trial fitting required, thus reducing valuable chair time.

EyeSpace Bespoke Intelligent Design


EyeSpace will automatically calculate the design and power of the lens, purely based on corneal topography data and spectacle prescription entered. The final lens depends entirely on the user’s preference and fitting philosophy.

Image of an EyeSpace Bespoke toric lens design

Variable Parameters


The EyeSpace Bespoke lens has an adjustable optic zone and edge lift and can be designed as a rotationally symmetric, toric or quadrant-specific variant.

Image of the adjustable meridian and optic zone diameter lens design editor

Automated Power Calculations


No need to worry about power calculation and SAM/FAP rules. EyeSpace will automatically calculate the optimum Back Vertex Power, based on the cornea map data, lens design, and spectacle prescription. As a bonus, EyeSpace will also show if any residual cylinder is present. Thanks to EyeSpace, it has never been so easy to design a bi-toric gas permeable lens.

Image of how EyeSpace calculated the optimum back vertex power of an EyeSpace Bespoke gas permeable lens
Additional information

Additional information


Variable based on HVID, Range 8.00 mm – 11.00 mm


Variable range: 5.00 mm – 7.00 mm


Any power


Grey, Green, Blue


Optimum Extra, Boston XO, Paragon HDS 100